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Precious Water
Posted by Convent Primary School, Ireland on 15 April 2016
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Hello Water Explorers,

I am Ciara O Regan, Water Master. This week, the activity that we did was a water usage log. In this activity we had to get a family member to record how many times they used water over 24 hours. In the report back, it was interesting to see how other families use water. Wahing football boots was one that I had not expected. Some people took their logs to work and college and discovered that ALOT of water is being used everyday. However we also saw that many adults also save hundreds of litres of water by what they wrote in the last filling the wahing machine and dishwater to max before turning it on. We also heard that if something is broken or not working properly, you could end up wasting ALOT of precious water eg the toilet not flushing correctly. We have displayed all our work on our Water Explorer Notice Board

Conclusion: We will continue to be more careful and more aware of how we use water in the future.

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