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Visit from Environmental Scientist
Posted by Berrings N.S., Ireland on 27 April 2016
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We arranged for an Environmental Scientist to visit our class to talk to us about water issues. She began the day by teaching us all about the chemical properties of water. We played a game which taught us how the two hydrogen atoms in each water particle are attracted to other oxygen particles and this in turn gives water its unique properties. We then learned how easy it is for pollutants to get into rivers and into the food chain. We studied different invertebrates that were found in our local river. We used the visualiser in our classroom to see the invertebrates up close. We also learned all about the water cycle and how the cycle never ends. In fact, the water we use today is the same water that has been on earth for centuries! We learned about the chemicals that have to be added to water so that we can drink it. We discussed the fact that not all water we use needs to be treated and water from grey water harvesting can be used for watering flowers and washing cars etc. We also learned that although 70% of the world is covered in water, only 3% of it is fresh and that only 1% of this is readily accessible for human use. We had a great day with our visitor and learned so much about the importance of protecting and conserving the world's  water. 

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