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Good Chemicals or No Chemicals
Posted by Kiltegan National School, Ireland on 31 January 2017
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Chemicals: Good or Bad?

We have been studying the production and manufacture of Chocolate.  This got us thinking about what we might use to help crops grow or to protect them from pests and diseases and help them to grow more productively.  We talked about how agriculture uses chemicals on the land and began to r

Food Miles
Posted on 31 January 2017
Drenched or Dry
Has Attachment
Posted on 28 January 2017
Water work shops
Posted on 27 January 2017
Who Wasted the Water?
Posted on 27 January 2017
Board game in development
It's Up to Us
Posted on 19 January 2017
Dogs like rain water to drink
reco gardening club
Posted on 11 January 2017
December School of the Month!
Posted by GAP Ireland on 4 January 2017
The AquaVics of Vicarstown National School!
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