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Posted by Clonown N.S., Ireland on 21 June 2017
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We made most of the water clean.  We used a variety of materials to put dirty water through.

Our first challenge!
Posted on 20 June 2017
Save water so you don't slaughter!
Posted on 19 June 2017
We made filters
Posted on 19 June 2017
Clean that water up!
Posted on 16 June 2017
Water Walkway
Posted on 15 June 2017
Water Filters
Posted on 14 June 2017
Water Filters
Posted on 13 June 2017
Rubbish Sculpture
Posted on 8 June 2017
Water Festival
Posted on 2 June 2017
Water Festival
Has Attachment
Posted on 2 June 2017
Rubbish Sculpture
May School of the Month
Posted by GAP Ireland on 1 June 2017
Water Workshop - Global Citizenship: Marine Envrionment
Posted on 1 June 2017
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