School Of The Week Goes To Team Wasserschloss!
Posted on 26 May 2015

Congratulations to Primarschule Stapfer in Switzerland for winning this week's Global School of the Week award!

This week’s winner is top of Switzerland’s leaderboard and has been picked for the impressive effort they put into their Water Explorer challenges. Here are some of their most memorable moments from their journey so far:

Visit to the groundwater pumping station

“We went by bike to the groundwater pumping station. Mr. Wüst told us how a groundwater pumping station works. At peak times, for example in the morning at 6.30 clock,  2800 liters of water per minute are pumped from the station to the whole Population in Brugg.”

 Freshwater animals under the microscope

“We have examined two water samples. The water from a rain barrel had a lot of caddis larvae in it.  In the water from a nearby pond in the grove we found Copepods, biting flies larvae and water fleas. Many children were amazed that you can not see with the naked eye the freshwater creatures.”

Fantastic work Team Wasserschloss, keep an eye out for your Water Explorer prize to congratulate your hard work. 

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