School Of The Week Goes To Szkoła Podstawowa nr 18 w Elblągu
Posted on 21 July 2015

Congratulations to Team TROPECZKI from Poland for winning this week's School of The Week award!

Team TROPECZKI have been active since the Water Explorer programme launched in January and their hard work has paid off as they have managed to save a huge 125,009 m3 of water!

They started Water Explorer by conducting water surveys on their fellow schoolmates where they investigated their knowledge and opinions on water.

Team TOPECZKI also organised field trips to their local rivers to check the water condition and also invented a really interesting tool to save water and make gardening/ farming easier and more effective.

All their hardwork was showcased during their Water Festival where the Water Explorers oragnised various games, contests, quizes and science shows. There was also an exhibition with their art work and inventions which really made a splash as it attracted the attention of the local media!

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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