When you save paper, save more than just vapour
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 28 July 2015
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Our paper recycling bins ready for distribution
Our paper recycling bins ready for distribution

Toward the end of Term 2, we had a Grade 6 class become a green flag class. They were so excited about their achievement and the opportunity to go on an expedition! The learners, in their groups, went about their investigations. Here is what we found: 27 000 litres of water are used on average in the making of a year's supply of paper for our school. Paper is also used in the form of work books, text books, exam pads and other classroom books. Our mapping team found that the highest volume of paper used takes place in the copy room and also in the printing rooms (where teachers send prints to). We are proud to say that all our classrooms, copy and print rooms have been given recycling bins for paper, and we are thankful that all our classrooms also have mimio boards for teachers to use, rather than always having to make copies on paper for activities and learning. Our greatest advantage is the expanding recycling station that we have available to us, and our constant involvement with Water Explorers; sharing our findings, ideas and hopes for the future of our school, during assemblies.

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