Water Festival Friday
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 28 July 2015
Proud of our pledges

On Friday the 25th of July 2015, our school hosted our Water Festival. We planned to host 2 shows in the hall, one for Pre-Primary and Junior Primary, and one for Senior Primary. Parents were invited for this. Unfortunately, due to load-shedding, our Senior Primary Show had to be postponed to this morning (28 July 2015).

Some brave learners prepared awesome talent shows for this. We had some rap, some sing, some say poems, and a group with a song/dance, which were lovely.

The children arrived to school on Friday wearing blue and green to represent the Earth and it’s water. Also, each child bought a 2 litre bottle containing water to school to sustain them the day. We encouraged them to begin using their water in the morning when drinking and brushing teeth. (Obviously excluding their bath or shower).

The show was successful and we enjoyed it so much! With a slide show presentation of our reservoir gradually filing, our expedition photo’s, facts, pledges and an afterward quiz, there was a lot of entertainment. We were fortunate enough to be sponsored water droplet car air fresheners, posters and water awareness booklets by Umgeni Water, which we used as rewards and prizes. 

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