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Posted by ECOLE PRIMAIRE BOIS ROCHEFORT, France on 13 March 2016
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To save water in our school, we decided to put up posters for children to choose on which button press according to their needs...

Indeed, the CM1 / CM2 class of Patrice have timed the flow of the taps in the schoolyard under our 2 covered playground. Then my CM1 / CM2 class set up (after several proposals of students and a vote of the class) posters that explain the duration of flow of water by simple patterns and colors which everyone knows the meaning : 

  • Green: very little flow
  • Yellow: low flow
  • Orange: medium flow
  • Red: long flow

 Students designed posters and went to all school classes to explain their operation.

 We have positioned our posters this week on top of the taps and see latter by the meter readings if our postings change the water pattern of consumption in the school...


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