The Thirsty Three
Posted by Enviromental Securities, South Africa on 16 March 2016

 Today the Environmental Securities linked up with uMthombo Secondary School for a day of fun indoor activities. Using the fantastically illustrated comic book, ‘The Thirsty Three’ supplied by Ground Truth, the elder children read the adventurous tales about three colourful characters determined to save their river. Like many cases in South Africa, factories carelessly release chemicals into our rivers polluting the water and destroying the life that depends of this eco-system. With the help of mini SASS, Royston, Mpho and Steyn are able to locate the source of pollution and justice was served. This little story was a great way of empower the children, the message being that even if they are young, they must stand up for what is right and speak up on behalf of affected animals that do not have a voice. Like all heroic stories, there was a happy end!!

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