Ancient Water
Posted by Go Green Kidz Club, South Africa on 16 March 2016

Have you ever thought about how the water in your glass got there in the first place? Did you know that the water you drank this morning, could be the very same water a dinosaur drank 60 million years ago? This is often a difficult concept for children to grasp but learning the water cycle, we although we often think of water an infinite and endless resource. The truth is, the same amount of water exists in earth today as it did when the earth first began!! When we use to much water or we pollute our fresh water supplies, there is nobody to replenish our supplies, that means we all have to do with less water.
For the first lesson of the year, Sindy felt it was a great idea to teach the water cycle using a beautifully illustrated poster, the children learnt that water moves through different phases and that our demand for water must never outstrip the water cycles supply of fresh water.

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