Our Pulse Patch
Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 26 September 2016
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Karla Van Eeden, Katie Beyrooti, Khanya Visagie, Ethan Hurd from 4H worked together in a group and presented to the class ideas on how a vegetable garden would make an impact in our school. The Grade fours have started growing a pulse garden. This is what they presented to the class.

We think that growing more vegetable gardens will help and improve our environment. Those who don’t have lunch can eat the vegetables that we have grown. It is important to look after these vegetables so we can make the school a healthier and cleaner place.

We could grow peppers, baby marrows, chillies, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, strawberries and cabbages. Growing vegetables is very organic. We could use organic fertilizer and grey water to keep the vegetables healthy. We can make a huge difference in our school environment.


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