Calthorpe Park
Posted on 11 October 2016

We have a snazzy new video! Find out about what Calthorpe Park School students and teachers love about being Water Explorers!

The Water Explorer team from Calthorpe Park School in Hampshire – a mixed secondary school for students aged 11 to 16 – made a big splash in the Water Explorer world last year. As one of the top five UK teams, they were invited to attend our exciting National Water Explorer Celebration Event at the HSBC tower in London last week

During their Water Explorer experience, the students were amazed to learn how much water they use every day, and loved comparing the way they use water to the way other children all over the world do. And a bit of healthy competition with the other Water Explorer schools in the UK added to the fun!

Teacher Joe Durkan, who runs Water Explorer at Calthorpe, says he’d definitely recommend the programme. He loves how it’s taught his students not only about water conservation, but also about being a caring global citizen. He also says it’s great for busy teachers, thanks to all the online materials, and fun to run too!

So why not dive right in and register your school?

Click here to see the video!



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