Drought hikes food prices
Posted by Wyebank eco buddies , South Africa on 29 December 2016
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Thirty Eco Buddies participated in this challenge. They collected news and magazine articles over a period of a few weeks as they were tracking the rainfall patterns and dam levels.the interesting part was how they divided the topic into different sectors in the community and classified and shared articles to make up their posters. They worked in 5 groups and discussed their news collections among themselves, they then chose a spokesperson who then delivered a talk on their aspect of this topic and where relevant, they read excerpts from their news articles. The entire school was invited to the discussion and about 45 learners turned up. This was an excellent challenge as it encouraged our learners who are poor at reading to actually read newspapers and magazines and since this was a current and hot topic they realized that reading was interesting and informative. Outcome to share: The group that followed the increase in the price of cabbage from December 2015 through to February 2016 showed a very realistic effect of the drought. The price of cabbage, a staple food in South Africa was R 5,99 in Dec 2015 but rose to R10,99 in Jan 2016. At the time of the discussion the price rose to R 15,99. It was also a good activity as the summer days were very hot and this proved to be a suitable indoor activity. Learners from grades 8 to 11 participated in this challenge ranging from 13 to 19 years. 

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