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Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 5 December 2017
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As Suyun Sultanları Water Explorers, we are experiencing the happiness of completing our first activity with great enthusiasm. We are a team of 26 people. In our first activity, Let's Clean The Water, we started our duty by examining the student documents. We have shared our thoughts about how we can deal with this problem by creating awareness against the crisis in the local water resources all over the world.

           We have been informed about how water treatment plants  treat water by researching from various internet sites and books written on this subject. We learned the phases of water  filtration by  explaining  to each other with our water explorers. We talked about the metarials that can be used during filtration and  planned to do a simple purification experiment .

         Suyun Sultanları  Water Explorers decided to do ' Clean Your Own Water ' experiment using a glass of clean water, an empty glass, a little soil (mud) and a paper napkin. We prepared our supplies and divided into groups of four or five. Each group cleaned their own water. We observed the conversion of muddy water to clean water with excitement and happiness.

        Then we  tried to purify the water in accordance with the instruction in source 2. We discussed what we can do to make the water we have obtained cleaner. We decided to consult the experts to get  the potable  water.

          In another part of our activity, we visited the water treatment plant in our region and got information from the authorities. We  have observed the water treatment process in place. We learned that water treatment passes through stages of filtration, clot prevention, clarification, disinfection, filtration and chlorination.

         In the last part of our activity, we made a water saving action plan in order to protect our water resources. We shared informative articles and pictures about water saving on  our school buletin board.  Suyun Sultanları water explorers created awareness about the matter by walking in school gardens and corridors with their banners in their hands.

      Finally , the activity  was ended by distributing water contract cards to school staff, students and their families, taking their commitment to saving water.



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