The Pursuit of Rainwater
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Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 18 December 2017
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As  The Sultans of Water and Water Explorers we pursued the rainwater.


We have investigated how to produce rainwater, how to use it, how to solve it, how to produce various methods and solutions, to achieve the purpose and to plan. We gathered the information by brain storming in the direction of the data. 

We did observing trips around our school, our homes and our environment. We learned about the volume of the rainwater in different capacities by studying the designs for collecting the rain water. We learned that we are among the lucky countries in terms of rain.For this reason, we realized the importance of collecting rainwater in our region and frequently in the country in terms of water saving. From here, we made our rain gauges to inform the circulation, to raise awareness about the subject and to guide to the environment. We measured the amount of rainfall for two weeks with the rain gauges, So we  have calculated how much water we will save with the bigger storage plan. We have listed where we can use the rain water that we are going to collect. We have convinced our school headmaster to use rain water bottles at our school. 

We decided to take advantage of recycling to provide our rainwater drums.

We designed our rainwater drums using our fountain drums containing cleaning products.We placed 3 rainwater drums under the discharge pipes of our school building.We made efforts to inform all the information we had while we waited for the rain, all the measurements we noted and the achievements we would make as a result of these studies, telling our teachers and parents about our achievements. We took one of the rainwater drum to the headman of our neighborhood ( Yenikent) and placed it under the discharge pipe of the his building. He promised us to use the rainwater in cleaning the sink and watering the plants. We put our posters on the windows of the Neighborhood Building to draw attention about saving water. We got the word of the headman of neighborhood to distribute the posters that we prepared to draw attention about saving water to the people. 

And the expected rain came. Our drums filled with rainwater. As The Sultans of Water and Water Explorers, we watered our flowers and vegetables with collected rainwater. We made our school cleaning staff to do cleaning with rainwater.With this work we have done, the happiness of saving water can not be explained with the words.

We promised each other once more to protect our water. Because  each drop that we save will spring to life. 




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