Team Of The Week Goes To Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy
Posted on 10 January 2018

A big congratulations to Team Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy from France for winning this week's Global Team of The Week award! 

This team has continued their exploring over the holidays. They created their own challenge using the experience of one of their team members called Jade, who went to Botswana during her holidays. She took the opportunity to explore the relationship between water and the people in Botswana. Jade interviewed some of the natives, wrote up articles and even collected samples of the water to analyse. When she returned she shared what she learnt with her team and this was also displayed on the TV screens around the school. This team has also met 3 other teams in France around an innovating project about simplifying freshwater access for developing countries. 

Well done Collège Saint Joseph du Loquidy and keep up the amazing work!

The Water Explorer Team


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