Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 27 January 2018
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     As The Sultans of Water-Water Explores , we came together to discuss and decide what can we do about the activity RAP SINGING WITH WATER.

       We have been brain storming to create tips for making water saving all over the world by recognizing the importance of using water for people wisely. How can we complete the sentence “If we live in areas where water access is difficult,....”? We empathized as a team to find an answer to that question and complete the sentence.At the end of our empathy work we created water saving tips and recorded them.

         We have done various researches on the internet to write our own rap song.

We listened to the songs about the water and reviewed the lyrics.We started to write our own song with cooperation in the direction of the notes we have made with all of our researches. During writing our rap song, we have paid attention that the words encourage people to be careful about saving water.We were pleased with our work when we finished writing the words of the song.Now it was the time our song met the rhythms. We conducted some researches on rhythm and we rehearsed on the suggestions we received.  The idea of Singing and presenting our song in in front of spectators in various places made us very excited.We continued our efforts with this excitement and thought.We did not neglect to choreograph the song.We were looking forward to presenting our song when we finished the rehearsal.

       We sang and presented our song to our teachers and friends in our school’s meeting room.The  applause and the words of appreciation we received from our friends and teachers made us incredibly proud.

     The invitation we received from our school's preschool class made us happy.We also said our song with our little friends.

     We aim to reach a larger audience to draw attention to water saving and encourage people to save more water.In order to achieve this goal, we have recorded our song and shared it on social media (facebook The Sultans of Water - our YouTube channel and instagram account of our team leader).

It was a great feeling for us seeing our followers sharing  videos on social media.Our rap song performance has attracted many of our friends from different schools.We were happy to be invited by our friends from different schools to sing the song.Thus, we reached awareness of saving water by reaching a lot of people with our song. Soon we will be singing our Rap song in different places with our slogan :

Every Drop You Keep

Is A Life Indeed

Our Rap Song 


Hey, friend, stop and give a look!

This soil is drying hand over fist. 

Look! Mother Earth is wailing, yelling at you;

''I'm dying! See me!"


Every drop you wasted 

Claims a life every moment 

Look! Mother Earth is wailing, yelling at you;

"I'm dying! See me!"


Whilst Mother Earth dies for water 

Begs for a drop 

Should you not to be in jam 

Keep a drop on nature 


Let the drop you kept babble on earth 

Let the soils green 

Let people not famish 

Look at Earth, The Sultans of Water 

"I'm dying!" Earth says, "See me!"


Sultans of Water utters you last time; 

"Protect your trees!"

"Protect your livings!"

"Protect your breath!"

"Protect your smile!"

"Protect your light!"

"Protect your water!"




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