Team Of The Week Goes To Laura Vicuna School
Posted on 6 March 2018

Congratulations to the Laura Vicuna School from Malta for winning this week’s Global Team of The Week award!

These Water Explorers had been secretly working on a number of challenges and pleasantly surprised the Maltese Water Explorer team last week when they visited the school for a workshop. The enthusiasm and motivation is sky high throughout the school. So far the team have managed to start growing lots of their own herbs and vegetables (enough to give them to each parent during an open day).

The team have also managed to mend their rainwater collection system which was previously not being used! Now they have collected rainwater in a well and the water is pumped up for irrigation and goes towards the toilet flushing system.

The team have also collaborated with a non-profit organisation in which they have collected money that will go towards installing a water pump in a community that does not have clean and safe drinking water.

Amazing work, keep it up!

The Water Explorer Team


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