Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 17 March 2018
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As the team of Suyun Sultanları we had a meeting to organize our activities. 

We researched on the internet about the activity that we will do. After a brainstorming , we listed what we can do. 

1 . BAG DESIGNING from T-shirts 

2.TIE-DYE PROJECT from our t-shirts that we do not use because of their colors. 

3.CUSTOM DESIGN from white T-shirts. 

4.RECYCLE EXHIBITION from the clothes and goods that we don’t use anymore.

5.WATER EXPLORERS ARE WALKING ON THE RED CARPET: The fashion show of recycled clothes.  

We determined five main titles .In order to realize these main titles, we started working with groups.During our work, we got help from our teachers and the parents of water explorers.We announced to all the students, teachers and parents that fashion show would be in the school hall. We opened the exhibition at the time and day that we announced before with our guests in the school hall. Our show was open for 3 days.

    We created a great awareness by sharing all of our work with our students, teachers and parents.The words of praise and applause made us very happy.We have made it possible to share the photos and videos we have taken on our social media accounts.

      We told all attendees how important the recycling is.We also undertook the commitment to contribute to reducing water consumption in production.We are proud and happy to complete our event successfully; 

Every Drop You Keep 

Is A Life Indeed 




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