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Posted by SULTAN AYHAN İLKOKULU, Turkey on 22 March 2018
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        As the Suyun Sultanları Water Explorers, we searched for the adverse effects of increasing plastic and packaging wastes on nature. The data we gained, the information we learned, made us understand how right we are to worry about nature. We made a meeting to search for answers to the question of  'What can we do to create awareness in this area?' At the meeting we exchanged ideas about the information we had gained and what we can do. We decided to tell them how to reduce the use of materials (plastic bottles, plates, cutlery, bags etc.) and tell them that  they should be sent back to the recycling rather than the garbage after using.

        We searched the most crowded places in the city we live in and  we decided to do this awareness work at GEBZE CENTER Shopping Mall. we decided to make a fashion show with the slogans;

'Soil and Water are Cleaner With  Recycling'

' I am a Raw Material ,not waste'

' Shape Future With Recycling'

We planned to distribute the hand brochures we prepared and the separators we designed in various shapes to visitors and explain that we can protect the water and the earth by recycling .We planned  to take their commitments about saving water.

                    We got help from the water explorer mothers and our teachers  for our costumes  of the fashion show. We designed our slogan banners and invitation banners for the show. We hung our posters on our school panels and entrance doors. By sharing in our social media accounts, we invited everbody we could reach. Meanwhile, 26 costumes were ready to go to the fashion show.

      On March 17, 2018 we performed  our show with a great deal of participation and enthusiasm in Gebze Center Shopping Mall. The applause we heard and the praise we received was an indication of our good work. At the end of the show, we also sang our rap song "YOU ! PROTECT THE WATER" We didn't forget to get pledge  cards from the participants. The Fashion Show was  broadcast live on facebook page of Suyun Sultanları. Our live broadcast was shared by our followers on the social media, enabling a large audience to reach. With the  happiness and pride we say;

Every Drop You Keep

Is A New Life Indeed




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