Save Water in a Cup Song
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 5 May 2018

When Mum and I came up with the water song, we first wanted to write a poem about water going around the house and being recycled and reused. We found 6 ways to recycle water and used them in our song.  After we had created the lines and words, we wanted to add the cups with it so we could have a rap rhythm. Soon we had completed the challenge that Water Explorers gave us of writing a song. My favourite line in the song is “We’ve saved water, how about you?” because we encourage other people to save water as well- not just sit there but take action and do it.  Here are the words of the song and a video is attached of the Amazing Gig performing it at our Water Festival last week:

Dribble, dribble, bucket shower

Laundry water, add some powder

Load it 8 9 10 and more

Flow to basin, mop the floor!


Dusty, dusty, wash the car

Clean the windows, you’re a star

Use it for a flush or two

We’ve saved water, how about you?


BY: Morgan Bethany Hendricks (11) 



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