Challenging our Community
Posted by Blessed Luanda Primary, South Africa on 8 May 2018
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Pics of our learners out on their interviews
Pics of our learners out on their interviews

Community and Family Challenge for Blessed Luanda Primary

25 water explorers and 25 soulbuddyz engaged themselves in a door to door campaign. Educating the community about saving precious resource. Explain to the families and neighbours water saving tips. Saving and caring for the spring and rivers and mustn't pollute them. Also use grey water for watering the garden and flowers. Each learner have to visit 4 families. 200 families were informed on this campaign. Each family visited has 6 members and more. 1200 people in Bulwer Area were informed. The attitude we instill is to respect and save water. Apply water wise ideas in their daily living. Community Leaders were happy about our initiative as school to inform families about the scarce resource.

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