Beef is bad
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 9 May 2018
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Can you imagine a big beef burger, with a delicious large milkshake and an ice cream for pudding?  BUT… It isn’t as good as you think it is, especially if you want to be water-wise and care for our planet. Here’s why…

A single beef burger uses 2400 litres water to make and the milk for your milkshake and ice cream have used about another 750 litres of water to make! That’s a lot of water used (3150 litres) for just one meal!

Also cows and livestock are bad because…

  • A quarter of our world’s land is used for livestock grazing, and another 33% is used to grow crops to feed them!
  • The cattle eat more than enough than to feed every person in the world – yet 850 million people do not have enough to eat!

This is why beef is bad!

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