Message from Mjila Primary School from South Africa
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Posted by URLA BALIKLIOVA İLK/ORTAOKULU, Turkey on 12 May 2018
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We have a thank you message from our buddy school from South Africa, Mjila Primary School.

We, as the Water Hunters from Polikhne team, made donations to Mehmetçik Foundation and Mijila Primary School in South Africa with the money raised in Global Water Fund Challenge.

Now, we have a message from the coordinator of the project in Mijla Primary School, Bridget Ringdahl, and her students. We want to share it with everyone.

 Hello Gursel, i managed to get the exchange yesterday and received R650 - thank you so much. It will take me a little while to get resources to the school we would like to support with your generous gift as they are quite far away .. I will update you for sure as things go and send you proofs of purchases etc. The school is Mjila Primary and is very rural and really try so hard. You can look them up on the Website. thanks again , will send more info as it comes.

   Hi Gursel, the learners were so excited to each get a lovely re-usable glass bottle for water, Compost and 22 different types of seeds for the veg garden and a rain guage -here are the photos. Thank you VERY much, the school (Mjila Primary) will be sending a letter soon. Teshikuller Ederim! 

  Collecting water from a borehole outside of the school.

  Tippy taps for washing hands after going to the toilet. Saves a lot of water and we dont have any basins.

  The school is in a very rural and beautiful area...



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