Water Festival
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Posted by St Clare College San Ġwann Primary, Malta on 16 May 2018

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A Water Festival was held at San Ġwann Primary School on the 11th May 2018 after school hours.  Everyone was invited at school between 17:00 and 19:00.  This was already a challenge, since we didn’t have a clue about the number of people coming but it was amazing and we received very positive feedback both from parents and students.  Our WaterExplorer students prepared various stations all related to saving water.

Stations included : 

  • Virtual Reality – which consisted of children being immersed into a Water conservation 3D story by means of these special glasses. (Thanks to Ms.Jacquline Frendo)


  • Kahoot Quiz – Online story on an Interactive whiteboard followed by a quiz using tablets. (Thanks to Ms Rebecca Falzonand Ms Daniela Scicluna)


  • Junior Lego League model- students explained their Project presented at the MRO 2018.


  • Purifying Water Experiment – students in charge of this station showed how to filter and purify dirty water.


  • Water Drops - Children explained and showed how to make paper drops which can be planted. In this way paper turns into compost whilst the little seed grows into a flower.


  • Secret Water and International Collaboration : Students showed our Leftovers Recipe book created in collaboration with a school from the UK.  Moreover, they exhibited the postcards which will be sent to Poland this coming week after the Skype chat that will be held on Wednesday16th May.  They also played a ‘Hidden water in food’ game with people visiting their stand.



  • Story Telling Sessions : Nilaj, the girl in charge of this station, used 2 books in Maltese which were published in collaboration with HSBC Catch the Drop Campaign,  Ilmina and Il-Vjaġġ ta’ Mila, for storytelling sessions in the outdoor classroom.


  • Planting cheery tomatoes : People were invited to plant a cherry tomato plant in the outdoor area.


  • Time Capsule : After a brief explanation of the current water situation in Malta, people were asked to write, on a prepared sheet of paper, their thoughts and visions about water situation in Malta in 25 years time. ID card numbers were written on each paper.  These will be all laminated and burried in water tight container in our school garden.  The Time Capsule will be opened in 2043!



  • Minion Water Tank : Our Minion Water tank was exhibited and photos of children colouring it were displayed.  Students explained the function of this water tank which collect rain water from a broken pipe in the school yard.


  • Rap Song Video : Our Rap song video was showing on a big screen in the garden.  This song was written by Ms Susanne Mifsud Triganza (Complementary teacher), Music by Mr Melchior Sultana, performed by Year 6.2 - Ms Marouska Azzopardi Duca and video editied by Mr David Mario Caruana (Head of School).


  • Water Fountains : Thanks to HSBC who funded part of our Water Fountains, everyone could drink fresh water during this event.



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