Team of the Week Goes to Misty!
Posted on 21 May 2018

Congratulations to the Gozo College Middle School Victoria team from Malta for winning this week’s Global Team of the Week Award!

This team has surpassed all expectations by holding a fantastic Water Festival with all students and parents and a lovely number of VIPs attending. The open day included highlights of all the water saving actions the school had done throughout the school year. On the day all the students, teachers, staff and attendees were given a free stainless steel travel cup to take around with them and use for hot and cold drinks instead of using disposable cups. They also had a number of stalls selling products made from waste materials that had been transformed into lovely items. Each item was backed with charts informing people of the item’s water footprint. The team also had a super special guest – Ebot, a ‘robot’ mascot made from various waste items, which is currently travelling around Europe visiting schools. Everyone learnt about Water Explorer and the importance of appreciating water and taking care of it. The day closed with a live rap performed by the team (backed by a live band!) The day was a huge success and involved effort from the entire school, the day was filmed and will be shown on National TV channel on 22nd May.

Sounds like an amazing day – well done Gozo College Middle School, you should be incredibly proud!

The Water Explorer Team


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