Recipe for making your own soap
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Posted by Les Ayent'eaux_2020, Switzerland on 12 March 2019
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Recipe for making your own soap

in the geography lesson, we talked about waste management and in the water explorers program we are actively thinking about ways to save water. We had the idea to make our own soaps with natural ingredients. Indeed, the manufacture of homemade soap is environmentally friendly because on the one hand we eliminate plastic packaging and gray energy related to the production, distribution of goods and the recovery of waste. On the other hand, the soaps that we have made are composed only of natural ingredients that are therefore less harmful, better for the skin and do not pollute the water.
The students and our teacher brought the ingredients, containers and utensils back to class and we spent the afternoon of Thursday before the carnival holidays making our soaps. This activity was very nice.
We hope you enjoy our recipe

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