World Water Day - Water Wise plants
Posted by Enkelobantwana full service , South Africa on 19 March 2019

For World Water Day we celebrated our wonderful Water Wise indigenous plants that we have in South Africa. 73 Water Explorers learned the difference between what indigenous and what exotic means. Exotic plants are like pines, gums and others that we brought to SA for commercial purposes and they use a huge amount of water. We then learned about 6 local indigenous water wise plants and that they use much less water than exotics and also encourage biodiversity and support other plants and animal eco-systems. These plants included Spekboom, Pigs Ears (Cotyledons), Fence aloe, Kranz Aloe, Geranium, Bulbinella.  Many of these plants had special adaptations to prevent water loss like fine hairs, waxy skins, fat water retaining leaves, spikey leaves, longer leaves, light coloured leaves to reflects heat from the plants to minimise evapo-transpiration.  When then planted all the samples outside our classrooms to encourage water wise biodiverse school grounds!

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