Fashionable water
Posted by Les Ayent'eaux_2020, Switzerland on 22 March 2019
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To achieve this challenge, we began by learning about the amount of invisible water hidden in our clothes. We were impressed by the volume it represents: 2'700 liters of water are needed to make a cotton T-shirt, 7'600 liters for jeans, 10'000 liters for a pair of shoes and 1'000 liters for a mobile phone.
This is a real problem for our planet.
To remedy this ecological problem and, at our level, to avoid waste, we decided to carry out the challenge called water in fashion.
Each of the 17 explorers in the class sorted out his wardrobe and brought to class a clothing or clothing accessory that he no longer used, either because he was too small or because he did not like it anymore.
Each explorer then reflected on a project that would transform his outfit into another or another accessory. We showed our projects to Lisiane, our ACM mistress who helped us to realize them during the ACM courses.
We were all able to use the sewing machine, something that was not easy for everyone. From a T shirt, two students made a bag. From jeans, 4 students made a bag and 8 made shorts. From a jeans shirt, a student made a cushion. 3 others have personalized one of their T Shirt that they did not like anymore.
To show our work to the other students of our school, we organized a fashion show on March 22nd during the World Water Day and we invited all classes of our school, namely about 300 students. Only two classes did not come


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