Climate Change its no joke
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 26 July 2019

Our class of 40 Grd 7s participated in a lesson on climate change, causes, effects, impacts and solutions. I t was eye-opening for all of us to realise that what we are experiencing in terms of high winter temperatures and the drought from the last few years has a direct link to our Carbon emissions . We saw that there are so many solutions however we need the country and global decision makers to stand up for renewable energy forms and pave the way to a reduction in Carbon by using them,. We learned about Greta Thunberg a brave girl fighting for our future.. she has got children in all countries to stand up and tell the adults they arent taking responsibility and leaving their problems to us. WE learned about Spekboom and that it takes up extra carbon, we made greenhouses to demonstrate the greenhouse effect with spekboom, which we will plant out in the warmer hopefully wetter summer months and hopefully they will absorb some of the excess Carbon. 

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