School Of The Week Goes To Team EKO PG1 PIONKI!
Posted on 5 May 2015

Congratulations to  Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 1 w Pionkach from Poland for winning this week's Global School of the Week award!

They have been busy creating their own Challenge in order to reduce contamination of a local water source. The idea came to them when they discovered lots of old and used electrical appliances whilst they were carrying out the FreshWater Watch Challenge. 

First, they created and distributed leaflets around the local neighbourhood so they could collect used and unwanted electrical appliances. They then arranged a collection point and then sent the unwanted electrical items to a regional recycling centre for electronic waste. 

They collected a massive 4180 kilograms in total, a really fantastic result. Well done team  EKO PG1 PIONKI!

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