South Africa
Mini sass P and N test
Posted by Wyebank Secondary School, South Africa on 19 August 2015
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We had visited the molweni River to test for the presence of nitrates and phosphate we had also tested the turbidity of the water we had also done a mini sass to indicate the quality of the water looking at macroinvertebrates. We had taken various samples from the river used a net to collect various samples of the insects found In the water we had a chart which we had been given by the Krantzkloof nature reserve for the challenge . Our insects  that where found was mayfiles , dragonflies , damselflies . The score we had talled was 6.3 which indicates our river was in moderate condition. Our phosphate test  had come back negative but our nitrates test came back positive with a score of 1 turning  pink . Our turbidity test  showed a result of 14 meaning our water was clear. (by Sharen, Wyebank Water Explorer)

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