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A diet of water!!
Posted by Eqhweni Combined School , South Africa on 25 August 2015
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Today, Julia from the water Explorers came to visit our Grade 7 class, a class she has been working with from the beginning of the year challenging us to value and respect our water sources. The beginning of the lesson started with a recap of last terms Fresh Water challenge and by now, every learners appreciates that we only have 1% of the world's water as fresh water to drink. Most of the water, you see, is frozen as ice or is too salty to use.

We then learnt about another form of Water, being that of secret water, the water that we don’t see but that is hidden in just about everything we use and consume. The learners could easily understand that juicy liquidly foods like oranges and beverages contained water within, but they never consider that even man made things like pens, books and chairs are also made up of lots of water. They thought the term " footprint" translated literally to the imprint of one's foot, but slowly they start to appreciate the concept of a footprint in ecological terms meaning the amount of space, water and resources an individual will use in a day including the earth's ability to absorb our waste. We learnt that eating a diet high in diary, meat (especially red meats) and highly processed products will dramatically increase our ecological footprint beyond the earths ability to provide for everyone. A short movie titled “The Hidden Cost of a Hamburger" really assisted to bring home the point that a meat rich diet is entirely unsustainable. Learners were then given the opportunity to make water smart pledges swapping out one water intensive food ( like coffee) for another water savvy option ( like tea). Food Swap diaries will be kept by each learner and this exercise will hopefully be a make them more mindful about our eating habits.

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