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Swapping stuff
Swapping stuff

Three classes participated in this challenge (grade 8, 9 and 12). It was really good to take time and think about consumerism and all the hidden water is the items that we buy. It was agreed that we do buy too much stuff and that advertising and cleaver marketing makes us think that we need new stuff all the time. This is what keeps economies running. And lots of secret water is used to make all this stuff. The learners had lots of fun bringing items from home and swapping it with their team mates. They were very excited to receive something new which their friends didn’t need anymore. They felt good making their pledges. As an extension to this challenge - Clothes that pupils and Danville families did not want was donated to DYC (Durban Youth Council),  who is donating the clothing to underprivileged people in the Durban community. A big appeal went out over a number of weeks. The whole school has been involved in the DYC collection and lots of clothing was collected.   


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