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Recycling to save secret water
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Recycling bins
Recycling bins

Recycling is big at Danville. Our challenge involves getting the whole school involved in recycling and saving secret water. Recycling bins are set up around the school for cans (collected by Collect-a Can), plastic (collected in orange bags from outside the school), glass (take to Hypermarket for recycling), batteries (take to Hypermarket), and computer cartridges (collected for reuse). Organic waste from the tuck shop and egg boxes from Consumer Studies are turned into compost and worm wee in our worm farm. Every classroom has a paper recycling bin. A weekly inter-class paper recycling competition stimulates rivalry to earn a prize each term and a trophy at the end of the year. Class teachers encourage pupils to bring paper from home every Wednesday. Paper is brought to a central point where it is measured. This is advertised every week in the school’s daily notices and on our environmental notice board. The results are updated every week on the environmental board so that classes can see how they are doing. Our paper is collected by Mpact. Pupils are also encouraged to bring cans, batteries and computer cartridges from home.

A guest addressed the school on waste reduction and recycling in December 2016 and the Environmental Society in March 2017.

Grade 11 Life Sciences pupils visit the Mariannhill Landfill Site every year. Waste management forms part of the grade 11 and 12 curriculum. This year, the visits will take place on 4 and 11 May. The Grade 11’s than do a project on waste management in their homes. This gives us an indication of how much excessive waste is being sent to landfill sites which could be recycled or reused. And that we should be reducing what we buy to cut down on waste. Families of Grade 11 pupils also have to be involved in the waste management and this creates an awareness beyond the gates of our school.

Danville participates annually in the International Coastal Clean-up, picking up litter on the beaches that has been carelessly discarded.

This challenge has given the Danville family a better understanding of waste management and its importance. A large proportion of waste generated at school and homes is now being recycled or reused in various ways rather than filling up our landfill sites and a huge amount of secret water is being saved (for paper, we determined, 10 litres of water is needed to make 1 sheet of paper). Recycling waste saves landfill space, resources and water.

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