South Africa
Water Surveys
Posted by Howick High School, South Africa on 1 May 2017

16 members of the Howick High Eco Club participated in these water surveys, which was to each document how much water they used during different activties, in one day. We added everyones amounts together, and our totals were:

  • Shower - 2 300 L
  • Flushing the toliet - 1 950 L
  • Kettle (amount of water used) - 35 L
  • Brushing teeth - 51,5 L
  • Bath - 410 L
  • Washing Dishes with two sinks - 690 L
  • Dishwasher - 190 L
  • Washing clothes (washing machine) - 1 730 L

We then discussed, discovering the total amount of water we all used, ways in which we could save water by using less of it.

We discussed showering for a shorter amount of time or switching the water off while washing your hair. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, using less water in your bath tub and being sure your washing machine is at full capacity before turning it on.

We learnt many helpful things from this expierence, and will now put them to use so that we can save as much water as possible!

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