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Champion Eco- bricks
Posted by Ekuphileni Primary, South Africa on 3 August 2017
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We made eco-bricks. The way to make eco-bricks is below. Why make eco-bricks? Well chip and sweet wrappers arent recyclable and most schools in SA have lots of this every break time. So making eco-bricks enables us to make something useful out of this waste that would usually end up in our storm water drains and rivers. You can use eco-bricks to make just about anything - even houses! We made a few stools to start off. this is how: 

Collect chip wrappers and sweet wrappers
2 litre bottle
Silicone glue
Glue gun
and lots of energy to pack the chip packets in to the bottles until its full and hard
We made 34 ecobricks which was enough to make nearly 3 stools
One stool had 19
the other one 12
we only need another 2 to make a 3rd stool
We glued them together with silicone and will wait 24 hrs to test them.

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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