South Africa
"Baswa Le Metsi" Water Awareness Competition
Posted by Somcuba Primary, South Africa on 3 October 2018

We had the older learners teach the younger learners how to use 2 litre bottles to wash their hands. The younger learners were also taught how to wash their hands and catch the running water using buckets. The water that they catch is used to water the gardens. This helps save a lot of water because many children wash their hands a lot and if the water is not being caught in buckets and a lot of it would go to waste. We taught all our students to use cups when they drink water. When students use their hands to drink water so much of the water goes to waste. So when they use cups they can pour the right amount and drink it all without wasting any. Our students participated in the “Baswa Le Metsi” DWS National Competition in Boksburg. All the winners in the provinces came to compete in order to become national champions. Somcuba Primary came in second place in creating a water song in the music category. We wore traditional dress and we won R10000 for our school. The competition was very tough and so we were very excited to be in the top 3. This competition helped to show the great talent our learners have and how much hard work they put in to bring awareness about saving water, health and hygiene in our community. We are very proud of our students and how much they keep learning every day.

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