South Africa
How green are you?
Posted by Luhana Primary, South Africa on 28 August 2019

Learning about greenhouse gasses and their part to play in climate change and global warming was a real eye-opener. For years I have believed that the ozone layer was somehow linked with climate change, this lesson as part of the Sustainable School program has helped our learners better understand the links between a changing climate and our actions- mostly the burning of fossil fuel to power our cars, planes, factories, and farms. We learned that whilst its beneficial to plant trees to provide fresh air and oxygen, trees also mop up CO2 in the air, a greenhouse gas that is trapping the suns heat and making the planet warmer. Watching a movie and powerpoint we were able to understand the impact of climate change. Some places will be hot and dry changing into desert other areas will experience extreme weather conditions like flooding and hurricanes. This is an issue that affects us all, rich and poor we are in this together. I was excited about this lesson because we had just started teaching the children about climate change and alternative energy like solar. This will also help our curriculum.

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