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Saving water with a fresh look
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Posted by Obed Mlaba Technical High School, South Africa on 29 August 2019
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I’m very happy
I’m very happy

35 Water Explorers were given personal invitations to attend the Swap Party. Learners and educators brought in good hand me downs. Educators volunteered to sort the garments out according to sizes and they also helped to share whatever treats which were brought in by staff and learners.

55 shirts, 8 ladies pants, 5 skirts and 5 boys pants were collected.This amounted to: 

55 shirts x 4100 liters = 225 500 liters 

8 pants x 7600 liters = 60 800 liters 

5 Skirts x 3 800 liters = 19 000 liters 

5 boys jeans x 7 600 liters = 38 000 liters 

A Whopping Total of          = 343 300 liters saved

A brief review on Secret Water was done and how Swapping benefits the saving of water.

Then the fun began as learners were called up according to their sizes to pick up 2 items each. They sang a song “I’m so happy, Thank You”. It was time to share snacks as celebrations were in order for saving 343 000 liters of water = 68,5 JoJo tanks. 


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