South Africa
Wetland revival
Posted by Panorama Primary, South Africa on 15 October 2019

After having a chronic water leak, we now have a rather unkempt “ Wetland” that needed a little TLC. Today Julia came to teach us how to protect, rehabilitate and revive our wetland. We started with an activity whereby our ecoclub learners were divided into three groups. Each group was given a number of pictures depicting an aspect of a wetland- the soil, people, frogs, snakes, iNema grass and so on. Using a long piece of string, the learners had to make meaningful connections between different animals, plants and our community. It was through this activity that we understood our connection and reliance on wetlands for all aspects of life, Eco-tourism, revenue generation, basket making, water storage and filtration and a source of rich unique biodiversity like specialized frogs, cranes and other birds. Using this newly gained knowledge, we did a 5 minute activity where each member of the group needed to put together a picture of a wetland. With the help of the Wildlands Yes program volunteers, we went out to plant our new wetlands with 70 plugs of different wetland plants like Kniphofia linearifolia and Sedges. What a fantastic day!!

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