South Africa
How big is your carbonfoot print?
Posted by Khethindlelenhle Primary, South Africa on 15 October 2019

Today we received a visit from Julia and her new intern Mduduzi. The lesson was all about climate change and we were excited to learn many more things that we did not know before- especially the part about Green House gasses. Unlike the more theoretical lessons, this challenge was all about learning by doing!! We got to play a climate change games whereby each group received a set of cards showing the impacts, solutions and science of climate change. They brought their knowledge in the classroom out the classroom. The green group won and there were many howls of disappointment. We ended the day planting spekboom in a plastic 2 l bottle called a terradome. Spekboom is a marvellous plant in its ability to absorb excess carbon dioxide from the air and put it into our soils. Im going to grow it at home and share springs with my colleges as it is just so easy to propagate. The learners were very excited through they did find the maths working our their carbon footprint a tad bit difficult.

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