South Africa
Permaculture gardening & Successive growing of plants ensuring continuous supply
Posted by Kwa-Ngubeni Primary School, South Africa on 6 March 2020
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The learners learnt a lot about permaculture gardening which is a continuous way of growing crops using natural resources that can decay and add vital nutrients to the soil for a great production on our garden, they also learnt about companion planting which was an eye-opener to them since they did not know much about plants that helps each other to repel pests and insects without using harmful chemicals that will exhaust the soil natural nutrients. Learners were eager in planting their own crops and taught to make their own compost and also what to use as mulch to prevent weeds from growing and retain moisture and reduce evaparation of water from the soil. they were taught water-wise methods of using water or saving water and store that water for future use. 

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