South Africa
Permaculture is in our blood!!
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 10 March 2020

It was a stinking hot day and not without its challenges but for Ebomvini, permaculture has been at the heart of what we do and therefore we feel that each learner must learn the skills of growing one's own food. Using our planting calendars, the learners learnt about which plants and seeds to grow in which season. To be a prosperous gardener we learnt take careful planning and preparation. You always need to think about the next season and make plans to plant the right stuff at the right time. After a detailed planning session, the learners were then tasked to design their own gardens using the principals they have learnt such as nature patterns, companion plants, intercropping, zones and healthy soils. We look forward to checking out the autumn garden designs.. it's not just creativity but careful planning who will nab top places!!

This year Ebomvini Eco-Club participated in the Y-Cap science expo. Presenting on the causes, problems and solutions of climate change Ebomvini children tried to impart a better understanding of this complex and highly topic issue. This is what they had to say, “ Julia thank you again and again for the contribution at our school. Hope this is the good outcome of your well-done work.We got position  1 in Drama and 3 in speech. You contributed a lot with ideas about Climate Change even though it was a short notice but you were very positive Thank you,

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