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Thirsty Paper :Saving our essential water by recycling used papers in our schools
Posted by Mjila primary, South Africa on 17 March 2020
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After learning so much on secret water lesson which imply the water we can not see directly while we are using that material but in the process of making that product water was heavily utilized in making that product, Mjila GSS team now know that they can save a huge amount of water content in recycling used papers than making new ones that goes through numerous processes to turn it from a tree to a pulp, to bleach it and into drying into to make it a physical paper that we can use to write on. They were eagerly and enthusiastic when they were taught how to turn used papers into pulp and also re-making paper through simple steps, They also put flower petals in their paper making process to decorate the paper, this lesson made learners aware and had a hands-on experience on saving water indirectly.

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