South Africa
Cheap chicken costs lives
Posted by MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa on 6 July 2020

Our next post lockdown visit was the little school of Mphephetha in the Harry Gwala District. We were amazed to see how covid protocols had reached every the furthest flung school and after answering a millions health-related questions and getting our temperature checked, entry was permitted. After setting up a line of 6 tippy taps in a high passage area in the school quad we then knuckled down to a covid teacher workshop, designed to deliver the facts, dispel the panic and help teachers gain better insight into how we as humans have tampered with our natural environment and ultimately been the cause of our own demise.  The presentation kicked off with a factual understanding of how the people contract the virus and how the body responds. For 98% of cases, most people are able to fight the infection with their own brilliant kick ass security system, our own immune response. In some cases, however the immune system overreacts and sabotages not only our infected cells but our healthy buffer cells as well. In this case, our lungs are predisposed to secondary bacterial infections and subsequent pneumonia. Fortunately for most of us recovery in order and we will get out alive. After a factual account viral mechanism, Bridget went onto looking at how for many of these recent pandemics, Ebola, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS and MERS are intricately linked with our relationship with animals. Substantial evidence proves that Covid evolved in Bats, jumped species to Pangolians whom were subsequently consumed by humans. Sadly, the cruel consumption of these beautiful, curious and highly endangered animals in Chinese wet markets are also cause of this costly global melt down. What will it take from realize that our continual exploitation of nature costs us dearly in the end.

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