South Africa
GBOMS for life
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 6 July 2020

After a joint effort setting up tippy taps near the major access points, the toilets and garden it was back into the grade 7 classroom to learn about how we can save water by using tippy taps rather than washing our hands under a running tap. We had a number of different measuring devices and the learners quickly caught onto the different conversions between ml and litres. Each learner took turns playing teacher in front of the board doing long hand division, multiplication and subtraction, we found out that we saved at least 1.5 jojo tanks of water every day when we only use the tippy taps.


After tea, teachers, the Principal and ground staff gathered for an enlightening workshop on Covid and Nutrition. Using well-chosen audiovisuals Julia was able to demonstrate how Covid was able to spread from an environmentally denuded province of China to the rest of the world. Understanding how our treatment of animals and the environment is a crucial link between many of these world wide pandemics was very eye-opening and revealing. Cheap chicken, in the long run, costs millions of lives. We really enjoyed the fact that the workshop gave us the tools to help ourselves. By looking after our immune systems we are better able to capitalise on our own body defence mechanisms to fight Corona. GBOMS are a magnificent acronym. Including Greens, beans, Onions, Mushrooms and Seed in our daily diet will provide the necessary vitamins, antioxidant, zinc, folate, fibre and calcium to make our bodies healthy and resilient.

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