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Its all in our hands: Water saving in the time of Covid 19
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 7 July 2020

The Global Search for Sustainable Schools(GSS)/Water Explorer project have been supporting schools in the KZN midlands and beyond, to ensure they have enough water saving options on site by setting up tippy tap washing points. Added to this, saving water could never be more important as we experience the dry season and continue to struggle with drought.

Once installed, the Grade 7’s at recipient schools were supported with an applied maths lesson to work out how much water can be saved if everyone uses tippy taps as opposed to normal running taps. In the case of Shea O’Conner Combined School, Nqobile Mpofana and her classmates worked out that on average 2 litres per person are used under a running tap per wash, compared with a tippy tap that requires just 50ml per wash.

“We worked out that we would need 144, five thousand litre jojo tanks just to keep the hands clean of 600 learners three times per day at our school for one year!” exclaimed Nqobile. She went on to say that “with tippy taps, the school would only need an equivalent 3, five thousand litre jojo tanks per year instead!

“Learning this really opened my eyes,” commented Mpho Chinowe, “I am inspired to teach people this method and will set one up at home for my family”.

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