South Africa
Rehabilitation of the garden: Affected by lockdown restrictions
Posted by Panorama Primary, South Africa on 12 July 2020

Panorama was one of many schools that was badly neglected by the lockdown restrictions. This resulted in a garden infested with weeds. Some of the pre-existing crops dried out. More than 20 garden beds were cleared and weeded, they are now readily available to be utilized. The other 5 beds were not as badly affected, they just needed to be watered and taken care off.

Some of most the seedlings survived since they were not in direct sunlight meaning less water evaporation and heat exposure. Those seedlings that survived will be transplanted to the beds that were prepared, ensuring a productive and balanced garden. When transplanting we will make sure that we plant companion plants that perform well together to ensure that seedlings do not compete for resources.

 A compost heap was created where dried leaflets, twigs, and vegetable peelings. With time this will decompose providing compost and boasting the fertility of the soil. Principles of permaculture is followed to ensure that the school uses only organic materials that are readily available in the school. Having organic vegetables in schools will aid in the nutritional value and help the feeding scheme  A motivational letter to Sunshine Seedlings was written to assist the school with donation of seedlings to plant in the new beds that were recently prepared and weeded.

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